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Vaginal Irrigation

Vaginal Irrigation

100% Purified Water for Minor Vaginal Irritation and Itching
  • 7 Safety Tests Completed
  • GMP certified
  • Ergonomic applicator
Vaginal Irrigation
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  • Women feeling sweaty and stuffy between menstrual cycles
  • Women bothered by leftover period blood
  • Women experiencing excessive discharge
  • Women suffering from severe vaginal odor

Solve these problems with Vaginal Irrigation

How to Use

  • Step 01 Open the product’s cap after washing your hands
  • Step 02 Open the bottom of sterilization package and twist it to fit
  • Step 03 Insert the nozzle into the vagina and press the back of the product

Safe and clean with
purified water

It contains pure, purified water that has been tested for sterility,
so you can use it with confidence.
The part of the nozzle that is inserted directly into the vagina is sterilized and sealed in a sterilization pack.

Easy-to-use designed

Designed as an accordion-type container that is easy to press.
With strong and controllable spraying force, it can effectively clean the inside of the vagina.

Safe and proven effects

Underwent 7 tests, including clinical trials and cytotoxicity tests.


Isn't it hard to insert the nozzle?

The nozzle insertion part of the douche is rounded, ensuring ease of use even for first-time users.

Can I use it everyday?

Over-cleaning can disrupt beneficial vaginal bacteria. If you're uncomfortable with vaginal secretions and odors, use it moderately.

Is it reusable?

Absolutely not. This product is intended for single use only. Reusing tap water after initial use is strictly prohibited. Ensure to separate and drain the container and nozzle after each use.

Can I use it during pregnancy or if I have inflammation?

If you are pregnant or experiencing inflammation or other abnormalities in your intimate area, it's advisable to consult your doctor before using this product.