The scientific touch to your feminine care

  • Our Motivation

    We began with a deep empathy for the intimate concerns of women. We understand that embarking on proper feminine care can feel overwhelming and time-consuming - particularly when it's difficult to discuss personal issues due to feelings of shame.

    This is why Lactomedi was created. Our aim is to address these challenges head-on, leveraging our scientific expertise and innovative product solutions to empower women on their journey to holistic well-being.

  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to foster a culture where women feel empowered to openly and confidently talk about their intimate concerns.

  • The scientific
    touch to yourself
    feminine care

    Lactomedi is your trusted partner in self-care, dedicated to every aspect of women's intimate well-being.

    Our scientifically formulated products undergo rigorous testing, ensuring efficacy and safety you can rely on.

  • Patented Probiotic Formula

    Probiotic+Plant extracts for enhanced care

  • Safe, Natural Ingredients

    No paraben, No glycerin

  • Third-Party Certified

    Proven effect through clinical tests


    LACTO BVTC™ is an innovative probiotic patented
    in Korea designed with Lactobacillus
    ferment lysate and six plant extracts to optimize
    women’s vaginal health.

    This It removes 99% of Candida and Gardnerella

    (the primary culprit of vaginitis), relieves vaginal dryness
    and maintains a healthy vaginal pH balance.

    In addition, our products have completed multiple
    rigorous safety tests, such as clinical tests and skin irritation tests,
    so that women can use our products feeling safe and comfortable.