The scientific touch to your feminine care

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  • EWG Verified for
    every single ingredient,
    as of 2022.

    Free of 10 harmful ingredients,
    including glycerin and parabens

  • Patented
    LACTO BVTCโ„ข,

    the special formula
    for your vaginal health

  • Proven effects through rigorous tests
    The effects of balancing vaginal pH levels, removing candida, and strengthening/moisturizing vaginal skin have been verified through clinical tests.

  • Made for all women

    Suitable for
    all types of skin

  • Contains patented

    Healthy vaginal care with
    strains of probiotic and 6 plant
    extracts beneficial for intimate area

  • Healthier with
    safe ingredients

    No paraben, glycerin,or any of
    the other 10 substances that are
    harmful to vaginal health

  • Perfect balance

    Maintains the optimal pH level
    for intimate areas