Vaginitis care in my routine

Vaginal care, where to start?

Vaginitis is by no means a difficult disease to treat, but it has a high recurrence rate, so daily care is very important. If you don't prevent recurrence through consistent care, it can develop into chronic vaginitis, which can lead to diseases such as PID or cervicitis.

Don't be relieved that you've been cured, improve your usual habits to prevent vaginitis and prevent recurrence with the right care methods! If you follow the three methods below, you will feel clean and fresh every day.

First, use vaginal probiotics

Beneficial bacteria in intimate areas play an essential role in preventing the invasion of harmful bacteria. Lack of beneficial bacteria increases the chances of harmful bacteria causing inflammation and vaginitis. That is precisely why lactic acid bacteria placed in intimate areas is able to prevent the recurrence of vaginitis. You can maintain vaginal health by consuming commercially available vaginal probiotics or by using products that are applied directly to the intimate area.

Secondly, wash properly

Leaving secretions or menstrual blood on underwear increases the risk of developing vaginitis. Warm and humid environments makes it easier for bacteria to enter, so if you have secretions or sweat, wash it thoroughly. In particular, special care should be taken during the summer months when there is a lot of sweating, ovulation, and increase in secretion volume, and especially before and after menstruation or sexual intercourse.

Cleaning agents (body wash, soap) that can disrupt the pH balance of the intimate area are not recommended. When the acidity balance of the intimate area is disturbed, the beneficial bacteria decreases, which can be the cause of vaginitis. When washing the intimate area, use clean water or a mildly acidic feminine cleanser.

Thirdly, wear breathable clothes

After washing the intimate area, you should wear breathable underwear to prevent moisture from accumulating. You should also wear soft, comfortable clothing for the intimate area, which is much more sensitive than normal skin. Tight-fitting clothing, such as tight-fitting jeans or leggings, can stimulate the intimate area and worsen immunity, so wearing wide-fitting pants or skirts can be a good solution.

Small lifestyle changes

Using vaginal probiotics, washing properly, wearing comfortable clothesโ€ฆ Are you surprised to see how easy it is? You can keep your intimate area healthy and prevent vaginitis by following these three steps. Small daily habits can change your health and daily routine.

Why not begin your easy and smart intimate care for your well-being starting today?