Being confident wherever you go

Starting from finding the confident ‘me’

All women have physical concerns that come from being a woman. Various small inconveniences come together and accumulate to become an obstacle that prevents you from living comfortably. The financial aspect and time invested in feminine care can’t be ignored either. This all hinders our ability to openly address and talk about intimate care.

We wanted to provide women with solutions and, more importantly, empower them to share their problems openly and freely. We know that the completion of a healthy daily life begins with finding the confident "me". We empathized with women and asked ourselves, "How can help them find their confident selves?“

LACTOMEDI, the birth of feminine self-care

Lactomedi has become an irreplaceable solution that easily and quickly solves women's worries as a feminine care brand. Lactomedi’s patented probiotic, LACTO BVTC™, balances vaginal pH levels and moisturizes the intimate area for a healthier vagina. 

Do not mistreat yourself with ineffective and harmful feminine care products anymore.

Creating a culture for women

Lactomedi dreams of a day when all woman can feel confident anytime, anywhere. Until that day comes, Lactomedi will continue to listen to the voices of women and stand with them to create a culture where they can confide in each other and share their problems freely and comfortably.